Learning Nonsense from the History Channel

Before reading an article about the television show Ancient Aliens called Ancient Alien Evidence Examined by Chris White, I would watch the TV show and enjoy listening to the different evidence that proved that aliens have visited Earth before. Thinking back, I do not think that I necessarily believed everything that they said; I think that I simply liked the idea and the possibility that extraterrestrials have already visited Earth. Also, for someone who is not an expert, what they said about ancient depictions and monuments and how they related to aliens made sense to me. I like keeping an open mind as well, so I did not completely disregard the information they were telling me. I also believe most things that I hear on the History Channel because I assume that since it is a scientific channel, what they state should be true. However, after listening to a teacher at school who had studied Ancient Egypt and after reading this article that disproved many of the theories that were suggested on the show, I realized that I had been believing false information.


Ancient Aliens History Channel [logo]. Retrieved February 25, 2014 from http://beginningandend.com/prometheus-movie-return-alien-gospel/

This is a bit frustrating because it shows that experts can pretty much tell us, the non-experts, anything they want, and we are forced to believe what they say since we do not know anything about the topic. It also leads me to wonder what other shows on the History Channel are not telling the truth and are stating any information simply to make money. This is annoying because although in today’s society entertainment plays a huge role in people’s lives and makes up a lot of the material that people watch on TV, I think that channels that promote their content as being completely nonfictional, such as the History Channel, should show only true material. Otherwise they are teaching nonsense that viewers believe is true, and this is not fair to the audience; people deserve to know whether or not what they are being told is true.  


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